Brood Mare - Gemma

Gemma is  no longer with us , but came to us as a 10 year old having show-jumped, hunted and team-chased. She was hunted by Ron on a couple of occasions and confirmed her jumping ability. Gemma had a great attitude and was the kindest horse we have ever owned. This trait has been passed on to all her off-spring.

Gemma bred 4 foals with us, 3 of which we still own. Two are competing (see competition horses) and Minnie who is now breeding with us.

We understand that Gemma show jumped up to grade B, but we were not able to track down her breeding. She was born around 1990, probably in Ireland and came to the UK to compete. We would love to know her breeding as she has bred us four lovely foals and would love to source others like her. For now we will have to rely in her daughter, Minnie who has made a great start to her breeding career.

Gemma’s offspring are:

Breeding History

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Dexter IV

Weston Justice

Jesmond Justice (JJ)


of Justice

Jesmond Skippy (Skippy)


Jesmond Mermaid (Minnie)

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