Jesmond Stud aims to produce top class sport horses

Jesmond Stud Farm, owned by Ron & Catherine Pearson and set in the Midlands, the stud plans to breed and produce top quality competition horses, with a particular focus on eventing.  

Ron & his sister Fran, have bred horses intermittently over the last 30 years; the goal is to match and improve on the standards set over that time.  Given the first foal - Welton Abbey - completed Badminton, that is a decent target!

We believe that producing top class competition horses combines elements of both nurture and nature. To become the best certainly requires the right raw material. The quality, demands and expectations of the modern sports horse are ever increasing. The aim is to use the highest quality breeding stock, both mares and stallions, match the characteristics to ensure the most capable  an trainable young stock is produced.

There is a strong focus on early handling to ensure the nurture part of the equation is based on the best foundations.

We also buy-in a few youngsters, 2 & 3 year olds, to start their early years work and they are available to buy as 4 year olds, when they have started to show their true potential.

Although there can be no guarantees, Jesmond Stud aims to produce the finest quality young stock with true potential to get to the top.

You are welcome to look round this website and if you would like to buy one of the youngsters, please make an appointment to visit and view on site.


In the case of eventers, the modern event horses need:

Ron started riding at the age of 5 and took up eventing at the age of 32. Ron has completed a number of level 2* events but only gets to ride at weekends which presents its own challenges. This is particularly so as the standards of dressage and the needs to show jump well are increasing along with the growing technical demands of cross country. This competition knowledge is used to inform the approach to the breeding progamme.

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